The goal of the Acranup project is to create a global virtual currency supported by crypto rather than the US dollar. Aiming on helping the global community, Acranup is building a decentralised financial infrastructure owned by its members and used for their benefit.
In order to keep the value of each $ACRN token stable, the Acranup treasury holds a diversified portfolio of assets (for example: Binance USD or BUSD). With intention to encourage users to deposit or sell their collateral to the Acranup treasury in exchange for $ACRN tokens, Acranup leverages token staking and bonding.
Our ambition is to gradually integrate DAO until the DAO gains entire control over the $ACRN token's behavior, which is precisely what we want in our policy-controlled currency system.
The US dollar is used to back a huge variety of different stable-coins. This has led to a dispute about whether or not stable-coins are actually stable in the face of declining traditional financial assets. It is the goal of the Acranup decentralised reserve $ACRN currency to reintroduce crypto markets from their extreme reliance on US dollars. Overall, Acranup thinks that $ACRN will act as a strong digital currency that retains its purchasing value in the face of market turbulence.

Relevant Concepts

Acranup Auto Burn
As the price of Acranup Tokens fluctuates, Acranup's Auto-Burn will automatically modify the burn amount. This means that if the value of the Acranup Token falls, it will consequently increase the amount of Acranup burned. The purpose of this method is to increase transaction transparency and predictability significantly.
Acranup Charity Wallet
Our primary mission as humans is to promote the global community's development. To begin fulfilling this purpose, we will establish a charity wallet.
Protocol owned liquidity
Protocol owned liquidity is a brand-new way to provide tokens on decentralised exchanges with liquidity. It is treasury-owned and it is controlling LP volume. The more POL the protocol and its users have, the better.
Acranup's decentralised nature and lack of reliance on any centralised protocols is the basic aspect of the platform. Decisions can be made in a more “trustless” and collaborative manner using a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAO is mainly created because automated systems and crowdsourced processes were viewed as a way to eliminate human mistake and fraud from the investment process. The best thing is that the code of a DAO, which is completely transparent and verifiable by anybody, eliminates the need to put your faith in anyone else in the group when using DAOs.
Protocol Controlled Value
Protocol Controlled Value refers to the quantity of funds owned and controlled by the treasury. The more PCV the protocol and its users have, the better.
Anual Percentage Yield
Annual Percentage Yield, or APY, is the rate you can earn on an account over the course of a year, including compound interest. The compound interest in this context refers to both the principal amount and the interest that has accrued.Compounding enables the creation of money over time, which is why it is such a powerful investment vehicle.
Proof of Reserve
The sale of bonds is used as part of the Proof of Reserve process to bolster Acranup's reserve. Treasury reserves are strengthened as a result of the bonders added liquidity Bonders are compensated in $ACRN for their work.