Terms and Conditions

  • Unforeseen situations may necessitate a revision of the whitepaper's roadmap and objectives. As a result, you should take calculated risks.
  • The Acranup’s company is not responsible for any failures in the Acranup token process caused by blockchain exploits or bugs.
  • Acranup's company has the last say on platform and business decisions, but the community's feedback will be taken into consideration.
  • In no way does this paper constitute financial advice for the purchase or selling of Acranup or any other asset.
  • It is the reader's obligation to verify that they are accessing the most recent version of this document as information may be withdrawn, changed, or added in the future.
  • Acranup tokens do not entitle you to ownership or equity in any affiliated business.
  • There will be a pre-sale vesting schedule for the $ACRN tokens.
  • Marketing, trading, or acquiring Acranup tokens does not ensure financial gain. The use of any cryptocurrency, including Acranup, is fraught with risk. Under no circumstances will Acranup be held liable for any losses suffered by investors.
  • An individual's usage of Acranup's financial platforms from a region where the Acranup token or the use of blockchain technology is restricted will not result in Acranup token being held accountable.
  • There are no guarantees, representations, covenants, or agreements between the parties, express or implied, other than those mentioned in this agreement.
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